Storm Sky Rocket Ball Review Video

Storm Sky Rocket Ball Review Video Description: The Storm Sky Rocket is sure to help your game improve! The Booster core and the highly successful R2S Pearl coverstock combine with a 1500 grit polish finish to produce a ball that is a go to for a mid-performance ball or when.. … Continue reading

Storm Optimus Solid Review Video

Storm Optimus Solid Review Video The Storm Optimus Solid is designed to handle oil. The superb traction provided by the 2000-grit R2X shell help bite through the oil and paired with the Tri-Sphere core this ball offers the reaction that the Storm Optimus is known for. – Coverstock: R2X Solid.. … Continue reading

Storm Optimus Solid and Sky Rocket Review

Storm Optimus Solid and Sky Rocket Bowling Ball Review   The post Storm Optimus Solid and Sky Rocket Review appeared first on Bowling Tips for Beginners, Advanced and PBA Bowlers. Learn More Click Here!… Free Bowling Tips, Instruction and Other Bowling Information

Storm Wipe Out by Scott Widmer,

Storm Wipe Out Bowling Ball: This video features Scott Widmer, Storm staff member, throwing the Storm Wipe Out bowlin… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Storm Crux Video and Review

Storm Crux Video and Bowling ball review   Bowler info: First bowler, Brayden Prockish, age 15, dual angle layout 50x5x35 Second bowler, Trent Baumgartner, age 17, dual angle layout 80×5.25×50 Brayden is a little more speed and power, Trent is a little more of a finesse player. Brayden wanted an.. … Continue reading

Storm Crux Bowling Ball Reaction Video Ball Review {vs} Storm Byte

Storm Crux vs Storm Byte The Storm Crux is the newest addition to the Premier line wh… Video Rating: 4 / 5… Bowling Instructions Online

Storm Hyroad and Roto Grip Sinister Video and Review

Both balls are drilled 65×5.25×40, that’s my favorite layout. Stable roll, decent length little pop on the back, just enough flare, nice and continuous. The Hyroad Solid was intended to be my house shot killer, so I put a LIGHT coat of polish on the box surface. I wanted a.. … Continue reading

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