Pete Weber’s Release in Super Slow Motion

Pete Weber's Release in Super Slow Motion

PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber’s release is captured in super slow motion at the 2014 PBA Wolf Open. For more info, or to subscribe to Xtra Frame, visit…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

11 thoughts on “Pete Weber’s Release in Super Slow Motion

  1. My arm swing and release is 95% exact like that but I don’t get the same

  2. Would be nice if we could actually see it. Why haven’t you guys hired
    someone to do your videos properly?

  3. Epic epic side roll – yikes

  4. too dark to see shit

  5. It’s only a 24 lane alley?

  6. They’re bowling a PBA tournament in Cosmic Bowling?

  7. No Problem to increase the darkness in media player! Good slow video;

  8. Shooting at higher FPS requires a lot more light than a normal fps, which
    is why this looks so dark even though it’s shot with all of the lights on.

  9. can someone make the lights on ? 

  10. Night bowling

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