Bowling Tips For Beginners: How to Hold a Bowling Ball

Bowling Tips For Beginners

Best Way To Hold A Bowling Ball!



How to Hold a Bowling Ball

How to Grip a Bowling Ball

How To Hold A Bowling Ball

Proper knowledge is an important key to doing things the correct way. Before We can go into how to hold your bowling ball I must explain that there are a few different grips in bowling. (I will list them below.)

The Different Grips In Bowling.

  1. This conventional grip.
  2. The semi or relaxed finger tip grip.
  3. The full or stretched finger tip grip.

There are other more advanced bowling grips but in the beginning stages of bowling you will not need them.

A beginning bowler should start out with the basic conventional grip, and then incrementally progress into the more advanced grips, the semi and full finger tip grips.






Learn How To Hold A Bowling Ball: Bowling Tips For Beginners

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