Winning Bowling

Winning Bowling [Earl Anthony] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Explores the physical and psychological aspects of the game. Includes a chapter on innovation in bowling equipment. Continue reading

Bowling Execution: Master Technique, Maximize Your Score!

Bowling Execution: Master Technique, Maximize Your Score! [John Jowdy] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.
Improve your execution and add points to your game with one of the world's top bowling coaches. John Jowdy has coached more than 100 pros Continue reading

Get Coached! I – Build a Solid Foundation (Volume 1)

Get Coached! I – Build a Solid Foundation (Volume 1) [Roger L. Thomas] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This may be the best how-to-bowl book ever! A step-by-step introduction into the world of bowling, this book covers everything a novice to intermediate bowler will ever need to improve his or her game. And more advanced bowlers may learn how to reengineer problem areas and pick up many pins in average. Continue reading

Bowling 200+

Bowling 200+ [Mike Aulby] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Most bowlers in the 150-190 average range have developed strong basic skills but are hampered by one or two fundamental flaws that keep them from improving their game. Two-time PBA National Champion Mike Aulby and four-time tournament winner Dave Ferraro reveal their insider tips for analyzing and correcting common mistakes that prevent intermediate bowlers from rolling that coveted 200+ game:

  • Converting the toughest spares and unmakable splits
  • Increasing your strike-shot carry
  • Making equipment work for you
  • Overcoming the mental pressure of league play to bowl your best
Complete with photographs Continue reading

Learn The Right Way To Calculate Bowling Score

How To Calculate Score In Bowling Computing score in 10 pin bowling sessions is truly not hard. In spite the fact that you will need some basic math skills to calculate bowling score. Before you learn how to score bowling you must learn some basic terms that bowling utilizes.  For … Continue reading

Tips on How to Bowl The Right Way

How to Bowl Learn To Bowl the Right Way Tips on how to Bowl: The Essential Fundamentals. Before you begin learning how to enjoy bowling you need to understand a few terms. In addition, you need some things like bowling equipment, you then will need to understand the basic components … Continue reading

Bowling Tips For Beginners: How to Hold a Bowling Ball

Bowling Tips For Beginners Best Way To Hold A Bowling Ball!     How To Hold A Bowling Ball Proper knowledge is an important key to doing things the correct way. Before We can go into how to hold your bowling ball I must explain that there are a few … Continue reading

Best Way To Use Bowling Wrist Positions

Bowling Wrist Positions 4 Best Ways To Use Bowling Wrist Positions!   How To Release Your Bowling Ball Using Bowling Wrist Positions. There are 3 main wrist or bowling hand positions techniques used in the sport. These 3 positions promote 3 different types of bowling ball motions… These Bowling Wrist … Continue reading

How to Use Bowling Hand Positions

Bowling Hand Positions How To Use Bowling Wrist Positions The ability to adjust bowling hand positions is an art that most all your top bowlers have mastered and is a very important key in today’s bowling game. The ability to have slide and roll control can aid greatly in increasing … Continue reading

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