Bowling Tip With Video On Why You Leave The 10 Pin

This bowling tips article is on Why You Leave The 10 Pin in Bowling With Video,

This is a bowling tips Video on why we leave the 10 pin bowling.
In our last video we showed you how to pick up the 10 pin and in this video we will show why we leave it.


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(Again this is for right handed bowlers you lefties just need to reverse every thing for the 7 pin)
First, we must understand that there are two basic types of 10 pins.
One Being the flat 10 pin.

The other being the wrap 10 pin.

Now why we leave the 10 pin

First the flat 10
The reason we leave the flat 10 is because the ball has lost energy before it enters the 1-3 pocket and the ball will hit flat. This can be because of a few things.
One the ball is all rolled out and rolled early and hit flat.
Another is the ball hitโ€™s a spot of carrydown and comes in weak or late.
You can recognize when youโ€™re leaving the flat 10 pin typically by watching the 6 pin.
If the six pin is laying in the gutter after you roll your first shot then it is likely you left a flat 10 pin.

the flat 10 pin in bowling

Now the wrap 10 pin
The reason we leave the wrap 10 is because the bowling ball is going in the pocket to quick.
This can be recognized by watching your strike shot and what would look like a very solid hit will leave a 10 pin due to the fact that the six pin is wrapping around the 10 very quickly.
Typically you will not see the six pin laying in the gutter after your shot.

Learning to recognize the type of 10 pin you are leaving and then making the proper adjustments to stop leaving this dreaded pin can greatly improve your bowling score.

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